A Stranger’s Distance (forthcoming), Hunger Mountain
Edited by Brian Leung

Hard Work, Adi Magazine (forthcoming)
Edited by Jori Lewis
Longing on the Journey from Proxima B
, Fractured Lit
Edited by Exodus Oktavia Brownlow

My Friend in Endtimes, The OffingEdited by K-Ming Chang

The Storyteller, The Kenyon ReviewEdited by Laura van den Berg and Paul Yoon
After Fire, Schuylkill Valley Journal Dispatches
Another SaniéThe Florida Review​
AntipodeJOYLANDEdited by Ashleigh Bryant Phillips


Settler’s Prayer to La Linda Nasca, Chicago Reader
Edited by Stuti Sharma

selected criticism

Stranding the Audience: On the Performances and Installations of Mona Hatoum and Adrian Piper
Sabreen Jafry’s “Ghalat Fehmi” Turns a Diasporic Lens on Punjab  
Art on the Internet: Seema Mattu‘s “Electric Toothbrush”

Art On The Internet: Gelare Khoshgozaran‘s “mm/dd/yy”

Basel Abbas and Ruanne Abou-Rahme Offer Testimony to the Erasure of a Palestinian Landscape